12 April, 2024

2000 Corredera: We're expanding our offer with a loft sliding system

Sliding systems

We are expanding our range of aluminium sliding systems with 2000 Corredera from Cortizo. The new line allows even six-sashed window and door solutions. They are perfect for the interiors of homes and offices, providing plenty of design possibilities and beautifully illuminating the rooms.

2000 Corredera is another loft-inspired proposal from Eko-Okna. We break down traditional walls, opting for maximum light in an impressive and elegant yet industrial style. But that's not all. We'll open up space in the most convenient way possible for users, that is, with a sliding system. In short, this is Loft.

Perfectly tailored to you

The walls of the system are made of durable aluminium and glass. Reinforcements of the structure improve the static parameters to such an extent that we can easily order even a six-sashed partition. One or two parts will be movable, changing the configuration of the rooms, depending on our current needs.

"Apartments, lofts, houses, offices, service premises," hangs his voice Kamil Kłosek, Market Director for the UK and Ireland, and adds, "It's hard to find a place where the 2000 Corredera won't impress with its functionality and design. If we want to soundproof the room, all we need is double glazing. Customers choose this option predominantly for bathrooms, bedrooms, and conference rooms," Mr. Kłosek concludes.

The style you're looking for

Aluminium offers broad finishing possibilities and does not fail to deliver in this case. First of all, we can count on the full range of RAL colours, and it gets much more interesting from there.

"The investor can choose between sashes with simple or rounded shapes, smooth and structured finishes, anodised, or woodlike lacquer coating," lists the extensive range of options Michał Obrusnik, Aluminium Product Manager at Eko-Okna.

For an even more minimalist look, we can opt for the GALANDAGE option, which allows the active sashes to be concealed within the wall.

Aluminium itself, besides its elegant, industrial character, guarantees easy handling of the product and no worries about corrosion.

You'll handle it with ease

The sliding nature of the 2000 Corredera determines its ease of use. It can utilise up to three tracks.

The maximum weight of the sash is 100 kilograms, allowing for the safe use of large glazing.

And speaking of them, single and double glazing up to 17 mm allows for convenient partitioning of rooms and flexible control over acoustics.

The maximum dimensions of the sashes are 2600 mm in height and 1600 mm in width, making the product suitable for a significant portion of interiors, both private and commercial.


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