Door mosquito nets

Openable door mosquito nets increase the functionality of all external and balcony doors. They are a solution tailored to the requirements of both classic swing doors and sliding (terrace) systems. The wide choice of models makes it possible to pick a version that will meet all requirements regarding function and aesthetics. The durability of door mosquito nets makes them a sound investment, superior to simple mosquito nets mounted on adhesive strips.

    We mainly think of mosquito nets in the context of windows. They can also be successfully applied to swing and patio doors, which can be a sensitive point in every house. They are usually much larger than the average window or door and start at floor level, which makes it even easier for insects of all kinds to get in. It is important to remember that mosquito nets do not only protect against mosquitoes but also against anything that flies, jumps or even crawls.

    It is worth mentioning that the installation of insect screens is quick and intuitive, which makes their application in houses and flats much easier. The offer of openable mosquito nets for doors from Eko-Okna S.A. allows for the selection of many solutions supporting individual customer preferences.

    Door mosquito nets protect not only against mosquitoes

    Mosquitoes are the adversary that those wishing to install mosquito nets in their homes want to defeat. However, Eko-Okna products can cope with a much broader range of harmful, nuisance or even dangerous creatures.

    Mosquito net construction and the form of their meshes ensure that they will be effectively blocking both small and large insects from passing. This means that mosquitoes, various flies, spiders, and ticks have no chance of getting inside. The same applies to wasps, bumblebees, bees and hornets.

    Many people will also be pleased to know that even when the light is on, they will not have to worry about moths and other insects appearing inside. Balcony mosquito nets, window mosquito nets and sliding mosquito nets will deal with this problem once and for all.

    This is, of course, a convenience. It is important to bear in mind that door mosquito nets are even capable of saving lives. The reaction to the bites of certain insects or arachnids, and especially ticks, can be very violent. Some of them also transmit diseases.

    Proposals prepared for pets

    The door mosquito nets offered by Eko-Okna are prepared for the presence of pets in the home. This is best realised through a special version of mosquito nets, which are reinforced mosquito nets.

    This type of door mosquito net is more resistant to mechanical factors. The net itself and its attachment to the profiles, whatever they may be, are not easily damaged.

    This type of netting is most often created from alternative materials. Typical materials used to make reinforced nets are aluminium and specially prepared polyester (XTRA Strong nets).

    Effective protection against bacteria

    People who frequently catch colds, have pharyngitis or bronchitis and are constantly sniffing should consider specialised door mosquito nets with antibacterial properties. These are nets prepared especially for allergy sufferers. This is an excellent option for all immunocompromised people, including young children and the elderly. By using a door mosquito net with an allergy net, you can eliminate the problem of unwanted allergens penetrating your home or flat at times when their intensity increases and becomes exceedingly persistent.

    Frame mosquito nets with membranes do not use chemicals to deal with microorganisms. They are completely safe. In addition to simple filtration, they also employ a phenomenon at the borderline of chemistry and physics that works in nature and is harmless to humans: photocatalysis.

    Photocatalysis is the oxidation of organic substances when exposed to light. Sunlight falling on the surface of a mosquito net produces strong oxidants which, when they come into contact with bacteria, viruses and fungi, can break them down into their elementary components.

    On the surface of nets that use photocatalysis, carbon monoxide and hydrogen monoxide are formed, i.e. the most ordinary water. This is a very similar phenomenon to photosynthesis, albeit the reverse.

    A comfortable home for allergy sufferers

    Polyester nets with a denser weave can be used in mosquito door nets to support allergy sufferers in their battle against hay fever. The less allergen in an allergic person's environment, the weaker their reaction will be, and the more comfortable their life will be.

    Even better in this respect are the most advanced filter nets, the anti-smog nets. Mosquito nets equipped with window membrane 6.0 eliminate approx. 70% of all particles with a size of approx. 1 micrometre and almost 100% of particles of approx. 5 micrometres. This means that allergens are virtually impossible to penetrate.

    With these meshes, allergy sufferers no longer have to stay indoors with locked doors and windows. What's more, the fumes from cars and factories, as well as many unpleasant odours, are also blocked.

    The openable mosquito net for doors is a solution for everyone

    Mosquito nets are usually thought of primarily as a solution for improving the comfort of the home, where unwanted insects do not enter. However, they can be even more important in public spaces.

    An effective door mosquito net in a hospital will improve patients' comfort and protect them from complications. In the catering industry, an openable mosquito net system helps to create a friendly atmosphere during mealtimes. It also minimises the risk of an unpleasant situation where someone finds a fly in the soup.

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