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Safe fittings and high-class profiles from the largest European manufacturers.

Accessories for windows that enhance expression and functionality.

Solutions for family houses and public utility buildings.

Construction adjusted to the market and legal requirements prevailing in the country.

Colour and structure

Several dozen colours of veneers in four palettes. We veneer windows on one side, two sides, as well as in the duo-colour formula.


The acrylic glass layer makes the window colour more durable. The coating reflects the sun's rays and does not flake off.


We only use new technologies in our work. V-Perfect is the result of the precise joining of profiles.

Windows in the offer of Eko-Okna S.A. is the most important, flagship position responsible for the great success of the company. Each window that is included in the catalogue prepared for customers is a proven solution, fully prepared to perfectly cope with the situations for which it was intended. A wide selection means that every investor will find warm windows for themselves at an acceptable price and presenting exactly the design that best suits their aesthetic concept.

25 years of making windows with passion

Eko-Okna windows are manufactured by a highly qualified and experienced team of professionals who ensure their excellent quality and precise finishing. With over twenty-five years of experience in the joinery industry, the company attracts the most demanding trade partners. It also cooperates with strictly selected suppliers to ensure that the components received by the manufacturer always meet all quality standards and are delivered on time. Only by taking care of all elements of the production process can the desired final result be guaranteed, i.e. the complete satisfaction of distributors and end customers.

Windows that offer safety

Eko-Okna offers many types of products. However, the most crucial aspect is always customer safety. That is why the company provides windows with burglar-proof properties made of the highest quality components available on the market. Even offers not prepared as burglar-proof are of very high quality. It makes them efficient barriers not only to wind and moisture but also to unwanted visitors.

This applies to all types of Eko-Okna windows in its offer, namely

The high quality of craftsmanship, as well as the use of selected materials, translates into the durability of the window, which naturally results in a high resistance to mechanical damage. Furthermore, the windows available from Eko-Okna are equipped with fittings from renowned manufacturers to guarantee buyers an even higher level of security.

Every window is only as strong and resilient as its weakest element, so Eko-Okna goes to great lengths to ensure no such weak points appear in its products. Neither in terms of the materials used nor the technologies employed nor certainly the diligence of the work of the production staff.

Energy-efficient windows

People looking for energy-efficient solutions are advised to choose at least a three-pane unit. It is used in erecting modern houses, although it benefits older buildings, too. There is no major practical difference here, as the packages are characterised by their universal usability and can be used in many solutions as long as the specific system has the required capacity to support them.

The pane used in windows, doors and other products is inevitably very important for the overall energy efficiency of the solution. In some systems, the glazing-to-profile ratio is even higher than 90%. Statistically, this is the route by which the most heat will try to escape and needs to be taken care of first.

Of course, this is not the only mechanism for heat loss. Potentially, a great deal of energy can also be lost through profiles and all places of assembly and connection where so-called thermal bridges occur. Eko-Okna combats them in several ways, including using suitable window gaskets and solutions with fixed units less prone to heat bridges.

An additional advantage of the windows offered by Eko-Okna is the high light transmission, thanks to which we can enjoy bright interiors and space to the full extent. The application of all the technologies mentioned above and very high diligence in their manufacturing result in the fact that increasing the glazing and limiting the size of the profiles does not negatively influence the thermal properties of the windows produced in Kornice. Importantly, even windows with double-pane units offer outstanding performance and, although not recommended for most developments, still have many applications.

Noise reduction by windows and balcony doors

Properly prepared glazing used in balcony doors and windows guarantees high acoustic comfort. Balcony doors are a significant complement to the windows here, as their surface is relatively large. The solution to particularly harassing unwanted sounds coming from outside is to use laminated glass with an acoustic film. Such a film enables even more effective noise dampening than a high-quality window fitted with efficient seals. With the use of soundproof glass, it is possible to find peace and tranquillity - even in the hustle and bustle of crowded metropolises.

All modern windows must meet appropriate noise standards, so even if customers decide on windows not designed to combat noise as a priority, you can still expect high levels of attenuation of unwanted sound. To a great extent, this is related to the manufacturing quality of the windows. The higher the quality, the better the acoustic properties of the window.

In addition, many solutions can readily help in this field as well. Apart from the special acoustic films mentioned before, it is possible to use higher-density plastic or glazing with special pane packages. In such packages, the individual panes of glass have different thicknesses, which allows them to diffuse sound waves of different frequencies effectively. This solution is particularly efficient in cities, where, at various times of the day, residents and workers are exposed to sounds of very different frequencies: traffic, construction and renovation work, trams, human voices, and a wide variety of other sounds that occur in the city.

The most affected are those dealing with air and rail traffic or industrial activities close to their location. A window capable of coping with various types of noise ensures that the interior is quiet in the morning, midday, evening, and night.

Fittings determine everything in windows

The fittings used in the window systems from Eko-Okna S.A. guarantee resistance to mechanical damage, which means that the windows purchased from us will serve you for many years. That should not be underestimated, as all the parameters of a window, from the aesthetic impression offered by the system to the acoustic or thermal insulation properties, depend simply on its technical condition.

All parameters are always given for a window that has been correctly manufactured and installed. However, if the window loses shape over time and its components move relative to each other, warp, or deteriorate, you can be sure that its parameters will not even come close to the benchmark. So-called warm installation is also increasingly becoming standard.

To keep the window's properties at an appropriate level for as long as possible, it is necessary to use high-quality fittings in combination with other materials of proper quality. Every product offered by Eko-Okna is under warranty, during which the technical parameters of the installed window will certainly not deteriorate beyond what is unavoidable due to the laws of physics. Unfortunately, there are no indestructible windows. However, the difference between reliable high-end windows with adequate fittings and mediocre ones not so diligently manufactured is truly remarkable.

Warm window installation guarantees good thermal insulation

The windows offered by Eko-Okna S.A. guarantee above-average thermal insulation, but this also requires so-called warm installation. The distinct parts of a window differ in their ability to retain heat. In practice, the easiest way to eliminate heat loss is through panes, the most efficient barrier to heat loss. Profiles also insulate well, although thermal bridges often occur between the window and the wall.

Investors often ask renovation teams to help replace old windows with new ones. Investing in new glazing is a big undertaking, but the change significantly reduces the cost of heating the property. The increase in heating costs due to heat losses can be devastating, especially now that the cost of energy carriers is rising rapidly. Even significant investments in modern, energy-efficient windows, which may seem capital-intensive, are, in fact, a step towards saving a great deal of money.

Especially when the building has already been insulated, poorly designed, and incorrectly installed joinery may be a source of gigantic costs. It becomes an escape route for enormous heat, bypassing the insulated walls, meaning the investment in polystyrene foam will not pay off.

Many window systems offered by Eko-Okna are characterised by very affordable prices and high thermal insulation. The warm installation of eco-friendly windows doesn't have to be an immediate attempt to achieve passive building-level performance. It is a good step in the right direction that will always make a huge difference to your energy bill.

Easy window adjustment

Windows adjustment, which is setting them in the proper configuration, significantly impacts their performance. All components must be correctly positioned against each other. It is a prerequisite for achieving their expected performance. It is important to remember that all technical parameters are calculated for a window that has been installed impeccably.


The most important thing here is the correct positioning of the window sash. It is worth checking this yourself after the window has been adjusted during installation.

The sash should overlap the profiles to the extent indicated by the manufacturer. Any deviation from the standard will reduce its tightness. Balcony doors will suffer even more than typical windows.


Fortunately, window adjustment is straightforward. All that is needed is to turn the relevant screws, usually by no more than one or two revolutions. You can do it yourself with no problem using tools found in almost every home. The correct window adjustment ensures that the window seals will insulate effectively.

Window seals positioned correctly

Not only should the window seals be of good quality, but they also should be used properly to achieve the best performance. A branded manufacturer such as Eko-Okna uses window fittings that allow the pressure of the seals to be changed as required. It is not worth buying windows that do not offer this functionality.

For years, it has been preferable for windows not to be too airtight and for air exchange to be possible through them. It is possible to use window air vents for this purpose, but in a typical house, it is better to set the windows to summer mode. During the cold months, when reducing heat loss is a priority, the windows are switched to winter mode.

Summer mode is when the window seals press less firmly against the profiles and thus are less airtight. In the winter months, the pressure increases, resulting in improved window thermal performance. Changes are made quite simply by adjusting dedicated control pins. Window adjustment may be successfully done by yourself.

Window air inlets for health and safety

Eko-Okna enables its windows to use dedicated air inlets. These are solutions designed to improve ventilation through controlled air delivery through the window.

Window air inlets are either mounted in the frame by milling a suitable hole in it or are placed between the glass and the frame. It is possible to control the airflow manually or automatically based on air pressure or humidity.

Regardless of the option, automatic window control based on pressure or humidity does not require an electrical supply. These solutions are primarily used in the hospitality business or areas where an abundance of toxic substances, such as exhaust fumes, may occur. There is also a choice of solutions for homes at risk of, for example, vapour build-up in the interiors, resulting in insufficient ventilation.

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