Sliding mosquito nets

    Sliding mosquito nets are a great addition to all kinds of sliding systems, doors and windows alike. They ensure that not a single mosquito will enter the interior, allowing the residents to enjoy the light and fresh air. Aluminium profiles guarantee reliability. Advanced fastening systems and specialised nets provide a wide range of additional possibilities for sliding mosquito nets.

    Terrace doors and large sliding windows are not a challenge regarding effective insect protection. All you need to do is use the appropriate sliding mosquito nets offered by Eko-Okna. They are tailored to such applications and are perfectly capable of securing passageways as wide as several metres. This also applies to solutions with two sliding elements. Even the ease of use of such mosquito nets is not affected.

    Perfectly safe interiors

    Effective sliding mosquito nets are the only mosquito nets you can accept. Partial effectiveness is intolerable. Eko-Okna offers only solutions that can guarantee this level of usability in the places where they are deployed.

    Rigid profiles made of extruded aluminium are responsible for this. They can be further reinforced if necessary, as any deformation could create space for insects or make it difficult to operate the mosquito net sash. In sliding systems, the mosquito net elements usually have to be large. The surface of the net can exceed 10 m2, so the challenges for the construction are significant.

    It is also necessary to use suitable nets. Eko-Okna offers a wide range. The basic version combines fibreglass and PVC in the right proportions, resulting in a durable, easy-to-clean material with a dense weave. Such nets also do not significantly block the sun's rays, so having a mosquito net does not necessarily mean shutting out the sun.

    A prerequisite for the effectiveness of a sliding mosquito net is that it is properly closed so that mosquitoes and other unwanted visitors cannot get around it. Eko-Okna ensures that this priority is realised through constant attention to the workmanship of each component. Selected systems also feature detailed solutions, such as, for example, magnetic closing of mosquito nets.

    Additional functionality of sliding mosquito nets

    The additional functionality of Eko-Okna sliding mosquito nets is achieved by offering specialised nets in place of the standard netting. The basic option is effective against insects, is durable and aesthetically pleasing, but customers have the right to demand more.

    For allergy sufferers, suitable anti-allergy nets have been developed, which are able to block out airborne allergens. These are mainly pollen. The actual effectiveness of sliding mosquito nets in this respect depends on a number of factors; if modern nano weaves are used, the protection is almost perfect.

    New to the Eko-Okna range are mosquito nets using window mosquito nets 6.0. This is a very high-tech option which, thanks to its extremely dense weave, is able to eliminate most particles as small as approx. 1 micrometre. These categories include all pollen that cause allergic reactions during pollination periods.

    The efficiency of eliminating particles of at least 5 micrometres exceeds 99%. This is well tested and certified. Virtually no allergens or bacteria or even fungal spores enter.

    Yet another type of net is a solution that improves the transparency of the mosquito net. This type of netting lets even more light into the house and does not disturb the image you see through the window or glass door.

    There are also reinforced nets with greater mechanical strength. These are particularly popular with people who live with pets, who might be too interested in mosquito nets. It is also a good option for parents who fear that the mosquito net could be damaged when their children play.

    Appealing design and plenty of aesthetic options for sliding door mosquito nets

    Eko-Okna endeavours to ensure that all the mosquito nets it sells are an accessory that is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

    Unlike most manufacturers who only offer a few basic colours for their mosquito net profiles, Eko-Okna guarantees the possibility to paint the elements in any RAL colour. This applies to:

    The availability of other net colours and the possibility to recolour mosquito net elements may depend on the particular system. It is always advisable to check the potential options in the product sheet or contact your sales representative. They will not only have all the up-to-date information but may also have interesting promotional offers to offer.

    Remember to install the sliding mosquito net in such a way that it does not interfere with other window accessories, such as:

    That is why it is worth remembering that the installation of a sliding mosquito net should be carried out by professionals. Nobody wants a sliding mosquito net, which is intended to protect against bothersome insects, to itself become a nuisance during everyday use. Therefore, when deciding to buy a sliding mosquito net, it is worth choosing reputable dealers of Eko-Okna S.A., which you can find on the map of distributors cooperating with the company.

    Furthermore, examples of sliding mosquito nets such as MPH Vetri or MPH Harmony are compatible with our other joinery products, such as:

    The aesthetic possibilities of sliding mosquito nets also manifest themselves in terms of profile design. Many of them are inspired by the window and door systems from the Eko-Okna range, so it is very easy to match various products from the manufacturer's extensive catalogue and achieve a coherent effect.

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