A perfect solution combining the durability of aluminum and the traditional design of shutters. Blinds with movable or fixed slats are available.

    Shutters are an important element of window accessories that can significantly improve the aesthetics and functional parameters of every window. They are valued predominantly for an important ability they provide, which is to easily control the amount of light let inside the house. They are available as interior shutters (installed inside the building) or exterior shutters (installed on the façade of the building). The choice depends on the investor's preferences. A wide range of colors and rich design allows everyone to effortlessly find the best solution for their homes and offices.

    Shutters for stylish projects

    Shutters constitute one of a few elements that can introduce unique designs to interiors and can also serve as an original addition to building facades. Their history is rooted in the simple need of protecting households against excessive light and heat during hot months of the year, and also in the need of conserving warmth during colder times.

    Contemporary shutters serve mostly as decorative accessories, though their functional aspects are still of vital importance. They can more effectively than ever block excessive light reaching interiors, yet they are still chosen mostly for the aesthetic pleasure of coming in contact with them.

    Every building façade equipped with shutters positively stands out in its neighborhood. It is no different regarding interiors where internal shutters are used. It is worth mentioning that both internal and external solutions can be matched to projects representing very different styles thanks to their robust diversity of styles, which opens new creative avenues for architects and interior designers.

    Traditional and modern shutters

    Modern shutters often constitute a reference to the design of the days when shutters were present on the facades of all but some buildings. However, this is by no means the only trend present in the design of contemporary window joinery in its broad sense. A large portion of the offer prepared by Eko-Okna S.A. is dedicated to projects partaking in much more modern stylistics.

    Modern design is usually characteristic of external shutters. It is determined in a large portion by the material used for manufacture, i.e. aluminum. The material is naturally prone to minimalistic and cubist forms. On the other hand, internal shutters relate much more to the traditional style. This happens thanks to wood, the material used for their manufacture.

    Rich design options offered by modern propositions

    Window shutters are not the only joinery accessories that can provide basic functionality regarding window protection and general interior protection from the effects of negative weather conditions and excessive sunlight supply. Alternative window cover options include roller shutters and blinds.

    A distinguishing characteristic of decorative shutters that wins more and more devout proponents to them is the unique experience that comes from interacting with such functional window decorations. Eko-Okna included in their offer a wide range of products that make it possible to tailor the experience to desired effects.

    Traditional solutions used in interiors are based on the Italian style that offers a feeling of elegance, warmth, and comfort. External solutions tend to be more modern and daring in their character, which makes them well suited for contemporary trends that put focus on such values as functionality and durability.

    Window protection for a long time

    Modern windows are known for their durability and joinery manufacturers, including Eko-Okna, offer many years of warranty for their products. Despite that, bad weather conditions do take their toll. Using shutters is a good way to extend the life of a window, however, now it is the shutter that is exposed.

    The window joinery manufacturer based in Kornice, Poland, minimizes damage risks to the shutter itself by utilizing proper technologies and materials in the production process. Every single shutter is outfitted with a thick extruded aluminum casing housing lamellas created from the same material. High quality of every single element of shutters is guaranteed by trustworthy components delivered by proven suppliers of international renown.

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