Window mosquito nets

    Window mosquito nets allow you to open up to the world safely. The reason to have a window is to let light and air in when it opens, but the presence of insects often prevents this. A mosquito net becomes an essential element to enjoy your windows to the fullest at a time when insects, especially mosquitoes, are abundant. The right mosquito net can offer even more, such as protection from dust or allergens.

    Using mosquito nets is becoming increasingly popular because it is an effective and straightforward measure and Eko-Okna's proposals are visually attractive and durable. They are a much better choice than the typical mosquito nets glued on window frames, which are gaining in numbers all the time but are quickly losing market share all the same. The ideal mosquito net can be selected for any window in any system, even for flush and grand windows. Finally, you can enjoy your window to the fullest despite the insects.

    Safety for you and your family with window mosquito nets

    Mosquitoes are, above all, a nuisance for housemates. That is why it is worth considering fitting a frame mosquito net to protect you from all insects in your home. However, the danger can be much more severe.

    The presence of a mosquito net provides a barrier to any creatures that might want to get into the house, including wasps, hornets and ticks, among others. All of these pose a potentially serious threat to people, especially children.

    The danger is not only relevant in villages and suburban areas but also in city centres. Ticks parasitising pigeons are a particular threat there. Their bite often causes a violent anaphylactic reaction, even among people not allergic to bee or wasp venom. The event is so strong that it can be life-threatening. Such insects can enter the house or flat whenever the window is open. It is always a good idea to provide extra protection for yourself and your household with a frame mosquito net.

    Discomfort can also be caused by various species of beetles, large numbers of which appear sporadically on trees and are attracted to houses and flats by light. Eliminating moths will also make many people happy. With a mosquito net in a window, fresh air can safely enter the building during hot evenings and nights when insects, spiders, and beetles eagerly flock to your rooms in search of light.

    Popular types of window mosquito nets

    The variety of windows and the places in which they appear necessitates the production of different mosquito nets so that every window can be adequately protected. Eko-Okna offers several types of mosquito nets.

    MRS, a fixed frame system, is the solution for places where permanent protection is needed, such as bathrooms and bedrooms. These mosquito nets often cannot be installed in flush windows. Eko-Okna solves this problem using dedicated mounting systems.

    MRSZ is another frame system designed for aluminium flush windows. Its typical application is for windows in office buildings.

    Prime, Prime Flat and Prime NL are modern frame-type mosquito nets.

    Sliding mosquito nets, on the other hand, are used for patio doors. They are suitable for large and very large passages achieved with sliding joinery systems.

    MZN is similar to a roller shutter. It can be easily opened and closed at any time.

    It is usually possible to use many different mosquito nets in the same place. It is advisable to consult your choice with a specialist, as certain types of window finishes and additional window covers may conflict with mosquito nets.

    Sturdy aluminium profiles

    The purpose of a mosquito net is not to protect against the elements, nor are they expected to be burglar-proof. The intruders the mosquito net should keep out are no more than a few centimetres long and are usually even tinier.

    Nevertheless, durability is important, as this translates into the lifespan of the mosquito net and its performance. Only a mosquito net in perfect condition will fulfil its role correctly.

    Eko-Okna uses many solutions to improve the expected lifespan of its products. Nets are expected to function without faults for many years, so the reliable manufacture of the mosquito net is crucial.

    The primary way to achieve this strength is to use aluminium profiles and special aluminium reinforcements. The metal does not bend easily and effectively protects the mosquito net structure from strong gusts of wind, which are the main threat. It is the reinforcement of the mosquito net frame with the proper material which ensures its longevity.

    Window mosquito nets are virtually maintenance-free

    Every piece of equipment you use requires at least a limited amount of maintenance to fulfil its purpose. In the case of window mosquito nets, your efforts will be negligible.

    A typical mosquito net will consist of a net fitted to the window, housed in a dedicated frame that will be permanently mounted or hinged. In this case, only rudimentary care of the hinges is needed. Mosquito nets are lightweight, so the fittings do not wear out quickly.

    In the case of mosquito nets that slide, their guides need to be lubricated. You can use silicone spray for this.

    It is only necessary to care for the nets regularly. They will naturally get dirty, so you should wash them at least once a month to make this activity less challenging.

    The ease with which you can clean your window mosquito nets depends mainly on how they are installed and whether they are removable. In the worst case, it is necessary to soak a sponge and gently wipe the net and the frames.

    The detergent should not be too aggressive so as not to damage the mesh. Do not use too much force, as this will result in mechanical damage.

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