Window covers

Roller shutters

Roller shutters

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A perfect solution combining the durability of aluminum and the traditional design of shutters. Blinds with movable or fixed slats are available.

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Depending on the installation type, flush, lintel and adaptative options are available.

An integrated mosquito net guarantees perfect protection from sun and insects.

These systems eliminate thermal bridges.

Installation on the window

Selected models of facade blinds and roller shutters are installed on the window already at the production stage.

Smart extras

Colour selection

A wide range of colours of the window covers guarantees a perfect match to the appearance of the facade.

Window covers comprise a long list of diverse solutions that achieve the same objectives in different ways and varying degrees. These are primarily:

Choosing window covers means additional possibilities and an improvement of all the window parameters. It is also an element of façade aesthetics that can beautify houses, flats and public-use buildings.

Take control of the light

Light, i.e. the energy from the sun, arrives as valuable heat. Unfortunately, too much of it will make it strenuous to work in the interior. Too much heat can easily become a problem. The use of window covers will effortlessly eliminate such inconveniences.

The installation of roller shutters, shutters or blinds, as well as the use of internal blinds, will effectively block excess light from reaching the interior. Importantly, it is always possible to fully control how much light is blocked and how much is allowed to enter.

Such control can be manual, automatic or even fully autonomous. Manual control is the simplest and means mechanically controlling the setting of window blinds or shutters.

Automatic control is based on automation in the form of motors driving the blinds or setting the shutter lamellas to the desired position. This is usually done with a switch at the window, and increasingly it is possible to control the automation via mobile apps.

The most modern systems use smart-home solutions, in which sets of sensors assess how much energy is coming. Then they change the settings of the window covers without further human input.

Window covers will ensure a peaceful night's sleep

At night, window covers can fully isolate the occupants from everything that is happening outside the building. Day-night blinds make this possible. This is particularly important in cities, where there are many distractions.

A fully closed blind or shutter can create an impregnable barrier to light and raise an effective barrier to sound. People's activity, street lights, traffic. They will all cease to affect the tranquillity of those resting inside.

In the morning, the pre-programmed blind can raise itself so that the occupants are awakened by the natural rays of the sun. Window covers will ensure a peaceful night's sleep.

Additional protection for windows and home

Using window covers, you can provide your home with additional protection from natural elements and unwanted visitors.

Even the simplest façade roller shutters without special reinforcements are a barrier to light, wind and rain. All these factors accelerate the deterioration of window paint coating. Any window protected by a cover will serve you longer.

Adaptive roller shutters and flush-mounted blinds, on the other hand, can demonstrate formal anti-burglary properties. Such roller shutters and blinds can have a robust RC2 or even RC3 burglary resistance class, which, for residential use, is already a step towards building a virtual home fortress.

What is more, the mere presence of this type of security is already an element that reduces the risk of burglary. This is because criminals avoid secure buildings and usually head for places where breaking in will be much easier.

Solutions for houses under construction and completed buildings

Flush-mounted blinds or top-mounted shutters are easiest to install when the building is still under construction. The window covers go in place at the insulation stage and require the least work. However, nothing stands in the way of an already-finished building also receiving appropriate protection.

There are many possibilities here, such as adaptive roller shutters or shutters, which do not require direct intervention in the wall, can be used. There are also types of blinds that fulfil a similar task.

Of course, in finished buildings, the customer has the option of installing all types of window coverings, including solutions such as screen roller shutters, lintel roller shutters or interior blinds.

Window covers in the interior

Eco-Okna is primarily associated with window covers mounted on the outside of the window, directly on the window, in the window opening in the insulation layer or directly on the façade. These are the most commonly used options in the company's catalogue, but not the only ones. You can also choose internal blinds, which will appear in rooms on the interior side of the window.

This is currently a very fashionable solution, chosen mainly for its unique aesthetic qualities. Nevertheless, it provides all the advantages of typical external options except for the security of the house and the windows themselves. It is also important here that there is no need to interfere with the masonry of windows.

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