Flush-mounted shutters

As a manufacturer of windows and doors, Eko-Okna S.A. recommends flush-mounted shutters. They are a solution with a long list of features that improve the parameters of the joinery. Flush-mounted external shutters allow you to control the amount of light, slightly reduce heat loss, and limit overheating in rooms. What is more, they have anti-burglary potential. Their remarkable design can also be appealing.

Conserve energy with flush-mounted shutters

Flush-mounted shutters allow you to conserve energy all year round. Their most important benefit in an era of exorbitant home heating costs is the improved thermal insulation performance of windows. They are an additional barrier blocking heat escape, so even very warm wooden or plastic windows will improve their insulation efficiency.

Thermal transmittance depends mostly on how big the temperature difference is between the environments separated by the window. Of course, all the features of a window are meaningful. However, regardless of its construction, the laws of physics remain the same. Installing a flush-mounted shutter means that the temperature immediately outside the window is not as low, so heat leaks out even more slowly.

In summer, on the other hand, too much sun is a problem. The interior heats up and needs to be cooled, which becomes increasingly expensive with electric air conditioners. Lowering the flush-mounted shutter during the hours when most sunshine comes through the window can reduce the interior temperature by double-digit degrees in extreme cases, which has a quantifiable effect on the electricity bill.

Ensure your peace and privacy

Using a flush-mounted shutter system provides convenience not only in terms of warmth. It is also a way of ensuring quiet. Being able to separate yourself from everything that happens outside your home is an increasingly appreciated benefit and something to think about when building a house.

A well-chosen and properly installed box of a flush-mounted shutter will effectively dampen noise from the outside. It will also provide an effective barrier against anyone interested in what is going on inside the house.

By effortlessly closing the roller shutter, you can even more effectively muffle any conversations that may be escaping to the outside and ensure that no one can look inside. This is a convenience that is hard to overstate. Many people dream of it, especially those who live in large cities or erect houses close to the edge of the plot.

Control flush-mounted shutters manually or automatically

The expense needed for external flush-mounted shutters is not a large part of the total cost of a home. If you count every penny, you may still opt for a version with manual controls.

This approach usually uses a belt, a cord with a reel, or a crank. With some work, these can move the shutters into the desired position.

A slightly larger expense allows the use of an electric drive. Such a drive is operated by a dedicated switch typically mounted on the wall next to the window, although this is not necessary. Each builder can decide where to place the controller.

In modern shutter control systems, it is possible to use a remote control or even mobile applications integrated with smart home systems.

Leaving for work? An external shutter system can automatically lower the shutters and turn the heating off to minimize costs. Coming back home? The heating is switched on in advance. Just before you return, the shutters are raised so you can enter your sun-filled home. It is even possible to set the system to automatic mode, which will respond to sensor data and control the shutters autonomously.

Enjoy the feeling of safety

Windows and patio doors are always the weakest points in protecting the interior of a house from intruders. They do not have to be vulnerable at all. Eko-Okna offers many systems that can effectively resist all uninvited guests. Nevertheless, a window will never be as secure as a solid wall.

External flush-mounted shutters equipped with the proper anti-burglary systems can help a great deal or even wholly deter an attacker from attempting a break-in.

The RC standard describes anti-burglary solutions, including the most armored ones marked with the number 6. Defeating such security features requires advanced tools and a great deal of determination. Shutters do not achieve such high values, but the demand for such advanced measures in ordinary homes is generally low. A typical security level for flush-mounted shutters protecting a home from intruders should be RC2 or RC3.

To get into a building through an opening secured with measures rated RC2, the burglar will need at least some simple tools like a wedge or a screwdriver. It will take him more than three minutes to attempt a break-in. It will also not be done quietly.

The RC3 standard features reinforced guides that resist attempts to dismantle the shutter profile. The blind curtain can also withstand the impact of a crowbar. The mechanism preventing the forceful lifting of the blind curtain is also more effective. A person attacking windows secured in this way will have to spend a few extra minutes and should be equipped with power tools if they want to get inside.

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