INFINITI Thermo garage doors

    INFINITI Thermo is a sectional garage door focusing on effective thermal insulation. They combine all the advantages of standard solutions with the benefits of 60-millimetre-thick steel panels filled with insulating material. The innovative double-lip gaskets with thermal chamber used in INFINITI Thermo garage doors ensure that heat is not lost through thermal bridges, while the available wealth of design options and convenient automation guarantee the satisfaction of even the most demanding users.

    INFINITI Thermo garage doors are a new benchmark for the entire garage door market, not just sectional products. They comprise an innovative steel frame to support the whole gate, a curtain of 60 mm thick steel panels filled with insulating material, and an optional drive unit. Electric drives allow you to operate the gate via wired switches, radio remote controls, and even telephones, potentially integrated into smart home systems. Thanks to their reliability, you can enjoy several years of trouble-free operation without necessarily significant repairs, and the wealth of style options allows them to fit easily into any home.

    Choose All-in-One and let everything fit together

    Struggling to match your garage door to the rest of your home? Not with Eko-Okna All-in-One sets. The company's experts have prepared aesthetically coherent sets consisting of:

    By choosing such a kit, you will achieve an attractive design for the entire home while avoiding browsing through all the available products. This solution is appealing particularly to developers and institutional investors, as it significantly reduces the time needed to prepare the project.

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