Sectional garage doors

Sectional garage doors are the optimal choice whenever technical conditions allow their use. They are characterised by excellent thermal performance, durability, reliability and safety. A wide range of automation and control methods makes them easily adaptable to the conditions of a given location and user preferences.

Why go with sectional garage doors? Because it is the best option of all. This is not necessarily true in every specific situation, of course, as there happen to be various objective constraints that sometimes get in the way of the investment. However, if none appear, a sectional garage door is a sustainable choice that the investor will use safely for years and enjoy its appearance for that time.

A reliable product

The sectional garage doors offered by Eko-Okna are reliable products, as confirmed by the manufacturer's long-term guarantee. Their service life does not end with the expiry of the guarantee period. The torsion springs used in the doors, which balance the panels' weight and their equipment, are calculated for 25,000 opening and closing cycles. For the average single-family home, this means at least a dozen years of service before there is a real need to replace them. After having replaced the elements consumed by wear and tear, the gate operates like new.

The construction of this type of door guarantees the minimum effort required for regular maintenance. In principle, all you need to do is clean the dirt, dust and other solids that accumulate on them. These pose a threat to rollers in particular. Their destruction will initially cause the door to operate noisily and later refuse to work.

The cleaning itself is effortless. It only requires water, a soft cloth and a detergent without abrasive or caustic properties. To make sure it's safe, you can always test the detergent on an invisible part of the door so that if there is an adverse reaction from the surface, the aesthetic qualities of the door will not be affected.

It is also worth remembering to only use pressurised water, e.g. from a washing machine, on the outside of products equipped with an automatic control unit.

Safety guarantees for sectional garage doors

A properly fitted sectional garage door is a fully secure product. A wide range of solutions stands behind it, some resulting from legal regulations and some of the company's particular care for the highest product quality.

The most important thing is that a heavy door will never crush anyone. To this end, there are many safeguards, invisible to the user, which ensure that even a very likely failure will not result in the door falling uncontrollably.

Even when garage doors are not falling uncontrollably, they can crush something that appears below them. But not in Eko-Okna products. As standard, every drive uses an amperometric mechanism. Upon contact with an obstacle, it immediately reverses the movement of the device, protecting the health and possessions of the occupants. Optional photocells are even more efficient, preventing the sectional door from moving if something is present in their clear opening that should not be there.

A particular hazard associated only with sectional garage doors is cutting fingers between the folding door panels. Eko-Okna panels are profiled at the height of the joints to avoid this. When they move, they push out fingers inserted there unreasonably. This type of protection is hardly infallible, so it's inadvisable to test its effectiveness. If someone tries hard enough, they will manage to harm themselves.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that glazing used in sectional garage doors can utilise safety glass, which makes using the door even safer.

One-finger control for sectional garage doors

While you can control all Eko-Okna garage doors manually, we do not recommend it. It is much better to use an electric motor, which makes operating the garage entrance cover effortless.

Wall switches are the traditional all-time solution. They are convenient and reliable, but some solutions are much more practical, especially since they do not require running any additional cables.

Radio remote controls are the solution most frequently used by customers. With these, sectional garage doors move at the push of a button. The range of remote controls is long, and their design predisposes them to function as a key ring. You can keep one in your pocket and operate it without looking at it - they are this intuitive.

State-of-the-art solutions allow you to operate the gate using mobile devices with an appropriate app. It is even possible to link the door to a fully-fledged smart home system so that the user will get information about it from anywhere in the world and even give it a command to, for example, open for an unexpected but desired visitor.

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