Industrial and garage doors

Garage doors

Garage doors

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Rolling grilles

Rolling grilles

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Drives facilitating the control of gates, giving the possibility of opening them with a remote control.

Accessories that guarantee safe use, e.g. anti-crushing technology.

Rich colors of garage doors painted according to the RAL palette and veneer templates.

We offer a number of additional solutions, such as glazing or service doors

Remote control

The available solutions allow you to control the gate from the remote control position, connect it to a smart home or geolocation.

Service door option

Thermal isolation

The panel core is made of polyurethane foam and guide gaskets, which guarantee the highest level of insulation.

Garage doors are primarily used in garages and warehouses, where their functionality, durability, aesthetics, and user-friendliness allow maximum utilisation of the available space. It's a broad category covering solutions for everyone: from simple and universal side-hinged doors to modern sectional solutions for demanding homeowners and efficient solutions for businesses, including industry.

Garage and industrial doors offer a highly diverse range of options. Most products are suitable for garages and warehouses, though Eko-Okna also offers rolling doors and grilles, which serve to protect shop windows. Their primary functionality, however, is to secure access to private and industrial buildings. Access control applies to people and heat, as standard solutions, and especially Thermo ones, prevent excessive energy loss. Meanwhile, their convenience is the result of applied automation and reliability, which every user can count on.

Doors for every production hall, garage and more

The Eko-Okna product range encompasses garage and industrial doors and other solutions. Customers have a range of options to choose from:

This wide range of options is not arbitrary. It answers various needs and takes into consideration what regulation doors must meet.

Sectional solutions are considered the best, as they are highly durable and user-friendly, offering excellent security and at least satisfactory thermal parameters. Similar characteristics apply to doors used in industry, which are distinguished by their adaptation to high-intensity use compared to products intended for regular garages. Their further differences include suspension types and numerous other issues. These two types of doors are not substitutes for each other, although they share many similarities.

Side-hinged doors are more versatile than sectional ones because they do not require a lintel and open outwards, significantly reducing their requirements for garage interior space. However, due to the movement of their leaves, these doors require a lot of free space in front of the garage, noticeably limiting the usefulness of the driveway. On the other hand, the use of sectional door panels and effective sealing makes them a satisfactory option for many investors, even though they may not match sectional doors in terms of user parameters.

Roller grilles are classified as a separate category because their primary purpose is to secure buildings and passages from unwanted access. Typical places of their application are shop windows, but there are many more. They effectively prevent break-ins while providing some limited visibility through their armour. However, they cannot be expected to provide any protection against noise or the ability to reduce heat loss.

Effective security measure

All doors must be associated with certainty and reliability, which also translates into safety. Eko-Okna takes this matter very seriously, incorporating all required protections into their products, and further employing additional equipment to enhance the capabilities of every door. These include a custom shape of panels in sectional doors, photocells and amperometric sensors.

The FINGER PROTECTION shape of the door segment appears in the locks, where two segments join. Moving doors push fingers away from this area. Although this solution is very effective in protecting against serious injuries, one should not test it.

Photocells and amperometric sensors work towards the same goal, i.e. to protect against the consequences of contact between the moving door and people or objects. Photocells signal the door drive to stop its operations when the door's clear light is blocked. The amperometric protection is a part of the drive. It reacts to the resistance obstacles applied against the door. When something is blocking it, the door movement reverses.

These are just the most evident safety technologies for the user. There are many more hidden ones. All a user needs to know is that even if something very unlikely were to happen, the door would not fall on them in an uncontrolled manner.

Additional accessories for user convenience

The most vital accessories that can be used with doors are, of course, electric drives. Thanks to them, there is no need to rely on muscle power to enter the garage or warehouse. The choice here is vast, but the customer usually does not need to delve into the technical details. When placing an order, there is the possibility of automatically selecting the appropriate parameters for accessories, such as choosing a drive with power suitable for a garage door of a given size.

A key question for the end users is how they will operate the door mechanism. The most popular, especially in homes, are radio remotes. Smart home systems and smartphone apps are in fashion as control solutions. Still in use, especially for industry doors, are wall switches. They can have a dead man switch, which enhances the safety of everyone near the door.

Many emergency and signalling elements are also among popular accessories. These include batteries, which store enough charge to perform several to several dozen cycles of opening and closing the door during a power outage. When the voltage returns, the battery is recharged and ready to operate when needed. Signalling elements, on the other hand, are optional for private use. They consist of lamps that inform individuals within sight range that the door is operational.

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