Top-mounted shutters

Next to flush-mounted roller shutters, top-mounted roller shutters are the most common type of roller shutters used in modern architecture. They are valued for their ability to control the amount of light entering the interior, a feature of all roller shutters. Their distinguishing features include very good thermal insulation, function as an additional deterrent to burglars and the installation method, which does not require dedicated thermal insulation of the shutter's installation.

External top-mounted shutters protect against the weather

Modern windows withstand the weather very well. However, they are always limited in this respect by the laws of physics. Therefore the resistance of each window to external factors is described by technical parameters referring to the relevant standards.

Every window can endure strong gusts of wind, driving rain and low temperatures. However, if these phenomena are sufficiently intense, this will impair the window's performance in various areas, such as thermal insulation. Using top-mounted shutters will ensure that the effects of the elements will fall on them first, and their design can handle this without any problems.

Even if the top-mounted shutters are damaged over time by elements, the damage will be done to the easy-to-replace shutter curtain. Windows, which are fixed in the wall, will not suffer.

Having such an additional barrier will enable the windows to offer homeowners all the benefits for which they were intended. What is more, a system of external top-mounted shutters will protect them from early deterioration. It can be caused by too rapid changes in the outside temperature, sudden heating or cooling of the windows, the action of mechanical factors (e.g. solid objects carried in the wind), as well as the sun itself.

Convenient control options with external top-mounted shutters

The ease of control of your shutter is always an important factor in your choice. In the case of shutters offered by Eko-Okna, you get convenient and effective solutions without forgoing attractive design.

Classic control mechanisms entail using either a belt with a reel or a crank mechanism. They are operated by the user's efforts, though this does not pose even the slightest challenge to anyone. Some people prefer this option, although some may see it as unacceptable.

Such people can only imagine using motors and automatic reels for shutters. Automated top-mounted shutters are operated using a switch typically mounted on the wall near the shutter. Then, with the push of a button, the roller shutter moves to the desired position.

The remote control can be even more convenient. In this case, suitable components with internet connectivity are fitted to the shutter control mechanism. These advanced devices can be operated using a mobile application replacing a button on the wall.

Internet-controlled devices can become part of smart-home systems that make it possible to automate many tasks. A roller shutter that lowers and raises at predetermined times? It is merely the tip of the iceberg of new possibilities with top-mounted shutters.

Installation of top-mounted shutters and security

The basic measure of the increased safety of household members associated with window covers is the RC class, i.e. the rating of the burglary protection capability of the given safeguard. Top-mounted shutters do not have an RC rating, but this does not mean that their presence does not affect the feeling of security of a household.

Unfortunately, the impact is not direct, as in the case of the more invasive shutters, which guarantees that it will take the time specified in the RC class to break through. The impact here is more psychological, effectively deterring potential intruders.

Eko-Okna S.A.'s range of window covers also includes:

It is no secret that a burglar will always choose a less secure target if given a choice. On the other hand, a person wishing to intrude in an affair will cool their ardour by seeing an additional barrier to be forced through. Thus, a roller shutter that is not theoretically an anti-burglary device gains some practical properties in this field.

Attach securely at the window installation stage

All top-mounted shutter systems are installed during the construction of the house or when windows are replaced. This is an advantage, as there is no inconsistency of any kind between the façade and the blind structure.

Mounting in the insulation layer may trigger a red light for some builders who pay particular attention to the thermal insulation of buildings. On the surface, it may seem that placing the external shutter box in the insulation layer significantly reduces the thermal performance of the wall.

Fortunately, the designers of top-mounted shutters have anticipated this risk and counteracted it at an early stage using additional insulating materials inside the roller shutter box.

It has to be admitted that the effect is not ideal. In the case of the best wall insulation, you can see the difference with the corresponding measurements, but the additional thermal benefits for the window, including all the other benefits of having shutters, more than adequately compensate for this setback.

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