Side-hinged garage doors

The traditional solution for securing garage entrances is side-hung garage doors. They save valuable space in the garage and are an economical, reliable solution thanks to their technologically advanced steel or aluminium construction. Side-hung systems ensure not only functionality but also durability and elegance.

There are many reasons to choose side-hung garage doors. This traditional, well-proven solution is, above all, universal, becoming almost always a suitable, safe choice regardless of the existing conditions. All you need is space in front of the garage for the leaf to operate freely. That's all. There is no need to measure the garage entrance and its interior meticulously to check if the chosen door can be installed there. Side-hung garage doors are an attractive solution for everyone.

Saving garage space

Side-hung garage doors are valued for their unique features. Often highlighted is that they do not restrict the space within the garage in any way, allowing every square metre to be safely utilised.

Such doors open outward. Leaves of such doors swing outwards, and little to no elements of their construction appear inside. Other types of doors always employ the interior in some way. With sectional doors, for instance, there's a need to leave space under the ceiling or next to the wall, reducing the effective height or narrowing the garage. Similarly, with up-and-over doors, the movement of the door and its position when open also diminish the space.

Roller doors are an exception, of course, but they are not as representative and durable as their single or double-leaf classic counterparts. In many cases, there's also no possibility to install them, making side-hung garage doors the default solution.

Lack of other options

The straightforward installation, characteristic of side-hung garage doors, is not just about convenience; it also underscores their universality. Virtually all garages meet minimal requirements for installing such doors.

Every investor must remember that garage doors, especially sectional ones, have strict requirements concerning the garage opening. Lintel, or rather the lack of it, is the typical limiting factor. There are ways to address this issue, such as the INFINITI ZERO renovation system. However, even this solution may not always be applicable in a given location, making side-hung garage doors the safe option.

Customised and always durable

All side-hung garage doors created by Eko-Okna follow individual customer specifications. There's no need to search the market for a door that will fit a specific house because Eko Okna delivers just what the customer needs.

Customers can order very large doors. The specific possibilities depend on the system used. Product cards on the website list all the limitations, but the vast majority of customers will find all the options available to them.

Sturdy construction elements make oversized side-hung doors possible. They consist of profiles, the walls of which can be up to two millimetres thick, which is a truly impressive value. Moreover, they are equipped with sinusoidal thermal barriers, which provide warmth and, through their shape, further improve the stability of the door leaves.

Panels borrowed from sectional doors

Can side-hung garage doors offer exciting aesthetics? Absolutely. The beautiful design comes with panels lent by sectional doors. They provide a wide range of finishing options, which are also compatible with other joinery elements offered by Eko-Okna.

Side-hung doors can perfectly match in colour with:

Sectional door panels also offer exciting aesthetic possibilities. They can sport various colours, with different textures and embossments applied. Their use also means at least satisfactory thermal parameters because there is insulating material between two sheets of galvanised steel. It effectively reduces the thermal transmittance of the structure.

Plethora of accessories

The real utility of many products often lies in the accessories and add-ons that come with them, as standard or option. Side-hung garage doors are no exception here.

You can count on all the essential elements already in the basic setup. These include, of course, handles along with locks, which allow securing the garage interior. It's hard to imagine using such a garage door without blocking both door leaves. Additionally, each product features a bolt. Its task is to block the movement of the door leaf that should not move, which is usually used in double-leaf doors when only one is open.

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