05 April, 2024

Accessibility without compromises. Magnetic threshold


Despite the hectic nature of contemporary life, at Eko-Okna, we remember those who struggle to keep up with the pace of the modern world. For elderly individuals, people with disabilities, and parents of young children, our barrier-free threshold will be a lifesaver.

We implemented this solution for swing and tilt-turn doors. You can have it installed on virtually any type of external entrance and balcony doors. It is compatible with both PVC and aluminium products.

Barrier elimination mechanism

The magnetic threshold, or a barrier-free solution, comprises magnetic seals installed in small channels. They interact with magnetic tapes mounted at the bottom of the door leaf.

"When closing the door, the tapes draw in the seals and close the gap between the leaf and the threshold. Conversely, when opening, the seals fall back into place," explains its operation Michał Obrusnik, Aluminium Product Manager at Eko-Okna.

This solution works wherever you want to eliminate barriers in passage.

Every space for everyone. Simple as that

The zero threshold allows patients, those with injuries, senior citizens, and individuals with mobility impairments to use any space without additional stress and physical effort. We recommend this product, especially for hospitals, medical clinics, and nursing homes. After installing the magnetic threshold, no wheelchair or bed on wheels will encounter obstacles on the way to physicals.

"The completely barrier-free threshold works brilliantly in terrace doors in hotels and restaurants. Wheelchair users won't have to give up outdoor lunches, and parents of children who love to explore space won't have to worry about their safety during a joint outing in the city," praises Przemysław Bieda, Sales Director for Poland at Eko-Okna.

Investors are increasingly choosing magnetic thresholds for homes and apartments. A bit of comfort in life is welcomed by everyone, especially if household members have mobility issues and prefer to avoid tripping.

Long-Term performance and warmth

The product is exceptionally versatile and elevates user comfort to an unprecedented level, but that's not all. The magnetic threshold will not trouble investors with repairs or require replacement for many years.

The manufacturer declares that the threshold does not wear out during use. Double seals ensure its thermal performance.

It works excellently with single- and double-leaf doors, regardless of whether it's a new or renovation project.

Our sales department provides detailed information about the product and its variants. Contact your dedicated sales representative to learn more about the offer.


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