20 March, 2023

eko4u assembly – an app for your business


At first smartphones were only considered gadgets, however over time, thanks to the increasing popularity of apps, they also became a work tool. More and more industries are implementing mobile solutions, that is why we created a tool that can be used in the joinery industry.

Running a business is very demanding, so each tool that can make it easier is worth its weight in gold. We want to support our business partners in their daily work, that is why we keep creating new, useful e-commerce solutions.

New - mobile app eko4u assembly

Only a decade ago phones were used mostly to stay in touch with clients on the principle: make a voice call or send a text. Nowadays, thanks to extensive memory and a stable Internet access, we can handle a lot of various tasks on the phone. We decided to make even better use of the capacities technology gives us. That is why we created the mobile app eko4u assembly, thanks to it, the assembly team managers can control its work completely remotely.

Manage a team of fitters from the app

Managing a team is not the easiest task. It is connected to many things such as the need to contact each fitter separately or supervising the quality of their work. What if we told you that now the only thing that is needed is a mobile app?

The eko4u assembly app has exactly those features. Thanks to it you can:

Would you like to check how the eko4u assembly app works? Download it here.

Which advantages of our app will be appreciated by distributors?

Thanks to the intuitive interface, adding more tasks, subdividing them into stages or assigning them to specific locations and groups of workers is really easy! What’s more, the app allows remote monitoring of the assembly team. Thanks to that the owner or manager always knows where a certain team is and what caused the delays. They can also react to the emerging problems.

A useful feature is also adding pictures and documents from the implementation. The whole history of the order will be available in one place. The manager has access to the carried out stages of the order, and most importantly - doesn’t have to drive to the place of performed work.

What advantages of our app will be appreciated by workers?

Our solution is also useful for workers. Thanks to the app they have access to for example:

All the necessary information will be available in the app, so they will have a guarantee of not forgetting anything. That is how we are eliminating an informational mess, which usually appears with arrangements in verbal form.

An additional functionality are the push notifications. Thanks to them everyone assigned to the order will immediately receive a notification about any updates.

A mobile tool which makes work easier

Probably most professionals will agree that on the construction site smartphone or tablet works best. That is why we made sure that our mobile app remembers all of your orders: here you will save your clients’ data, types of installed joinery or dates of completing specific tasks.

What’s more, we made sure that the app only has useful features, verified by our specialists and partners. Thanks to the simple and intuitive interface, our tool is easy to use and works fast.

Do you want to test the eko4u assembly mobile app?

Visit our stand during the BAU fair in Munich, which will take place 17–22 April 2023. You will find us on the stand 121 in hall C3. You will be able to see with your own eyes what our app has to offer.

What’s more, thanks to the VR glasses you will relocate to the premises of the Eko-Okna company - you will visit production halls and see how we work.

Can’t be with us in Munich? Join the FB live events, thanks to that you’ll visit our stand online. We invite you!


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