26 June, 2024

IntelliTAG™ air io: A Revolutionary Sensor Detecting Intrusions and Indicating Window Position


As the first on the Polish market, we introduce the IntelliTAG™ air io sensor for tilt-and-turn PVC windows with Roto hardware. This sensor is placed invisibly to the intruder, on the inner side of the frame. It not only notifies about changes in window position but also about any attempt to force it open.

In times when home security becomes a priority, the IntelliTAG™ air io from Somfy should be installed in every window in the house. The sensor's sensitivity can be set through the TaHoma app, and it records and notifies you of every opening, closing, tilting, and vibration of the window. Vibrations indicate that something is hitting the window, likely an attempted break-in.

Worst-Case Scenarios

The main task of the sensor, connected to the TaHoma® switch hub and the dedicated TaHoma app, is to send alerts about the window's position during our absence from home. Advanced scenarios programmed in the app allow for a response to the incident even without our intervention. Through various products, such as motorized external blinds or sound alarms, the sensor and app can help deter the intruder.

"In short, it works like this: we have a scenario planned for window vibrations. The app will automatically lower the blinds or trigger the alarm. All this means that even when we are busy in a meeting at work, the app will handle uninvited guests. In summary, Smart Home solutions will take care of our home's security," says Sebastian Langer, Product Manager of blind production at Eko-Okna.

Discretion and Availability

The product has a very important feature: simplicity. This is evident in its operation, interpretation of its effects, as well as in its design and power supply.

It is wireless, extremely small, slim, and fits into the fitting. Therefore, when the window is closed, the sensor is completely invisible. This is a huge advantage for users who have grown accustomed to the unsightly sensors of the old generation. It also improves security. The intruder remains unaware that the window is secured, and the potential movement of the blind or the sound of the alarm will effectively deter them. Furthermore, the wireless nature eliminates the risk of damage or tampering from the outside.

Operating wirelessly within the io system, the IntelliTAG™ air io sensor is powered by two AAAA batteries.

"Their low energy consumption usually lasts for about two years of normal use. Replacing the batteries is simple and ensures continuous protection of your home," explains Sebastian Langer.

Energy Efficiency

Protection against burglary is just one of the benefits that IntelliTAG™ air io offers. Thanks to this sensor, we can also increase the energy efficiency of our home and lower energy bills.

Monitoring the position of windows throughout the house allows for a quick check to see if we have accidentally left them open when leaving a room. This is particularly important in winter, as it helps avoid unnecessary heat loss.

Using the TaHoma® switch hub, we can also optimize the setting of the blinds. By analyzing which windows let in the most sunlight in the summer, we can adjust the schedule for opening and closing the blinds, minimizing energy consumption for cooling the rooms.

With advanced functions and seamless integration with the smart home ecosystem, IntelliTAG™ air io represents the future in the field of window and home security.


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