29 March, 2024

New Alversa PS fittings with secure micro-ventilation

Sliding systems

Introducing a solution for patio doors that enables room ventilation while maintaining high safety standards.

When we want to let a bit of fresh air into our home, we turn the handle of the patio doors to the micro-ventilation position. With Alversa PS, this is much smoother than with other fittings.

"A gap of about 6 mm, almost invisible from the outside, provides better air exchange for the room and reduces the risk of excessive cooling," says Krzysztof Mroczek, Senior Specialist in the Procurement Department.

In such a situation, theoretically, our protection against break-ins may falter. However, the Alversa PS fitting mitigates this issue, making the product resist attempts to force it open with tools such as a screwdriver, pliers, or a small handsaw.

Safety first

What does this mentioned protection consist of? Four secure points come as standard. We can choose handles with a button or a key. Additionally, it is worth ordering protection against drilling the handle and fixing screws, mushroom bolts, and safety catches, which will make it more difficult for unauthorized persons to access the interior. Optionally, we can also use RC2-rated fittings.

Convenience for everyone

The ease and intuitiveness of opening the sashes make them easy to handle for everyone, including children and elders.

"We offer various opening schemes and directions, allowing the space to be maximally tailored to the preferences of our customers. Different handle settings enable tightly closing the doors to maintain pleasant warmth in the room or opening them slightly when fresh air is needed," adds Mr. Mroczek.

But that's not all. Turning the key, regardless of the handle position, enhances resistance to break-ins.

Patio systems are better than ever

Alversa PS fittings combine security with the convenience that every Eko-Okna customer deserves. Thanks to them, tilt-slide and parallel-opening systems can do even more.

Eko-Okna sales representatives will gladly discuss details with you.


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