05 December, 2023

New Beninca garage door drives

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A fast, quiet and safe garage door is the dream of many people. Thanks to the fresh proposals from the JIM line of the Italian manufacturer Beninca, they can be fulfilled extremely easily.

Beninca JIM 3, JIM 4 and JIM 3.TURBO are three garage door drives that combine quiet operation and the ability to connect an emergency power supply.

"All Beninca JIM drives that we are now introducing to our offer are safe thanks to an amperometric sensor. Therefore, the gate moves within the established framework and stops lowering when it comes into contact with an obstacle, e.g. a person or an animal," says Przemysław Kuczera, technologist and designer in the gate department.

Beninca JIM 3

It allows you to ventilate the room, which contributes to greater air circulation in the garage.

It is suitable for operating gates with:

which includes typical home garage entrances.

Additionally, soft start technology (STC) controls the rotation torque, improving comfort of use and reducing wear of door components.

Beninca JIM 4

This is also an option for business, all thanks to the ability to perform 1,040 cycles a day and handle gates with an area of up to 18 m².

Beninca JIM 4 automatically regulates the force and speed of opening and closing, adapting them to current conditions. This calm and controlled gate start not only increases the level of safety, but also minimizes wear on structural elements.


For those who like to keep their finger on the pulse, the Beninca JIM 3 TURBO engine will be perfect. The drive allows you to monitor the number of cycles performed on an ongoing basis.

It works at an extraordinary speed of up to 25.8 cm/s, which results in shortened opening and closing times.

Smooth operation is guaranteed by advanced force regulation technology, which adjusts the optimal dynamics of the engine while ensuring smooth start-up.


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