25 January, 2023

Norm Slide – steel minimalism at its best!

Sliding systems

Norm Slide
Norm Slide

Discover the latest in our range of sliding door systems made of high-quality steel. It is an excellent alternative to sliding systems made of PVC, aluminium or wood.

Norm Slide internal doors are characterised by the extraordinary durability of the material used and loft-like design. Their unquestionable advantage is that they can be mounted not only on the wall but also on the ceiling. The system can consist of single or double steel sliding doors. The high-tech accessory package makes Norm Slide aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to use.

"The wide range of sliding systems made of wood, aluminium or PVC is joined by steel. The new Norm Slide internal doors have high durability parameters thanks to which slender profiles can be used," says Michał Maciejewski, Director of the Sales and Purchase Department.

Internal sliding doors are more practical than traditional doors, especially in small flats, difficult to arrange interiors and narrow corridors. Despite appearances, convenience and functionality are not the only advantages of these doors. It is also an interesting and unconventional arrangement of space, which can be divided using Norm Slide door sashes. 



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