09 April, 2024

Stylish and versatile SMART-SLIDE NEO, a new sliding system


The era of large glazing, slim designs and easy access to the garden continues at its best. In Eko-Okna, we respond to customers' needs and read reviews from respected architects. Therefore, the highly rated SMART-SLIDE NEO could not be missed by us as well.

Luxury and savings go along together

We associate walls of glass and sliding doors with office buildings or very expensive apartments. Year by year, this perspective is dynamically changing and SMART-SLIDE NEO is a prime example.

This minimalistically beautiful system, specifically due to its simplicity of execution and small number of narrow profiles, allows you to produce more units quickly, but at the same time with attention to every detail.

"That saves time and costs not only for us as a manufacturer. The end customer can reach for a high-end solution and enjoy an interior full of light," says Sebastian Zielinski, Senior Technologist-Technical Advisor at Eko-Okna.

Light in a cubist frame

An adequate amount of daylight is not only a legal requirement, but above all an ally of comfortable living. With SMART-SLIDE NEO, a wall of glass up to 4 meters wide or 2.5 meters high is the standard. Admiring the view is not everything after all. One sash remains stationary, while the other opens the interior to the garden.

The width of the profiles allows for large glazing. But it is the shape of the profiles that plays the first fiddle here and distinguishes the product from the competition.

"Form is most important here. We have sharp angles and symmetry, which brings to mind cubist paintings. This gives the effect of lightness, but also intrigues observers," says Przemysław Bieda, Director of the Poland Sales Department in Eko-Okna.

Protecting the planet and simple operation

With glazing packages up to 52/54 mm in width, perimeter gaskets and small installation depth (154 mm), this system is suitable for any energy-efficient home or office building. The investor will also reduce the cost of heating and air conditioning of the building.

Users, regardless of their dexterity, will be pleased with the ease of operation. This slide on the rail moves very smoothly and locking points that reinforce security give us peace of mind.

Essential in the kitchen

Finally, we have something that changes the way of thinking about kitchens. Until now, sliding systems were simply an exit to the patio, but SMART-SLIDE NEO helps us design kitchen windows as well.

"Impractical to use, but providing good light to the countertop, traditional windows interfered with household chores when the room needed to be ventilated while cooking. The sliding system eliminates this problem and the movable sash quickly allows fresh air into the room without worrying about injury," adds Przemysław Bieda, Director of the Poland Sales Department in Eko-Okna.

Feel free to contact your sales representative for more details and to order SMART-SLIDE NEO.


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