09 April, 2024

This is how we do it! See how we produce our wooden joinery

wooden joinery

We invite you on a journey behind the scenes of wooden joinery production at Eko-Okna. Watch our latest video and see that our wooden windows and doors are made with precision and attention to details by a dedicated team.

Eko-Okna is not only one of the largest manufacturers of window and door joinery in Europe. Our wood department is a place where passion and the desire to produce the best quality products result in innovative and designer wooden windows and doors that are chosen by customers all over the world.

It starts with choosing the perfect raw material

From the moment the wood arrives at our factory, begins a fascinating journey of transforming this material into high-quality joinery. The first stage is the selection of the highest quality wood, which is then subjected to precise processing, ending with careful preparation of the products for transport.

Technology and innovation

At Eko-Okna, we constantly invest in modern technologies that allow us to achieve even better results. Thanks to advanced machines, tools and a modern paint shop, we can ensure not only excellent quality, but also increase the efficiency of our production process.

We care about the environment

We are aware of the impact that our activity may have on the natural environment. Therefore, we take a number of actions aimed at minimizing the negative effects of our production. By choosing Eco-Okna, you choose products that are made with care for the planet.

Fantastic results

The result of our efforts are wooden doors and windows that not only delight with their appearance, but above all meet the highest quality standards. Each of our products is a combination of craft tradition and a modern approach to production.


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