03 August, 2022

Replacing windows in the summer cottage


Summer houses are becoming more and more popular in Poland. The past years, in which we have experienced travel and mobility restrictions, have further aggravated this trend. Some people decide to buy a new prefabricated house or a mobile home, others buy plots where individual recreation facilities already stand. Windows in such a building do not have to have the same parameters as in an all-year-round house. However, their functionality, tailored to the investor's needs, is crucial. In order to get it, it is often necessary to replace the windows in the summer cottage – when is it worth investing in the replacement? When is it good to conduct it?

Replacing windows in the summer cottage
Replacing windows in the summer cottage

Cottage – what windows?

Usually, we do not have the same expectations for window and door carpentry in a summer house as in the case of an all-year-round house. The parameters of thermal insulation do not have to be high, because we stay in such a facility during the warm months anyway. Nevertheless, we expect a certain level of protection against the cold, e.g. early spring or autumn – at the end of the season. Contrary to appearances, windows also provide protection against high temperature, guarantee acoustic insulation and ensure the safety of property and people staying in the house. On the one hand, we take expensive equipment, such as electronics or sports equipment, for holidays, which require appropriate protection. On the other hand, the house remains unattended for several months of the year. Finally – some holiday homes with additional insulation are available all year round. Thanks to this, they can be used for periodic stay not only during summer holidays. Such facilities should have adequate window joinery with an appropriate glazing unit and fittings.

Replacing windows in the summer cottage

When is it necessary to replace windows in a summer house? The easiest way to say it is when one of the listed functionalities suffers. If the windows are leaky and do not provide the appropriate level of thermal insulation and sound insulation, it is worth thinking about changing to a more effective solution. If they do not provide protection against burglary into the building, such woodwork should also be replaced. After all, in a situation where we cannot freely open or tilt the sash due to e.g. a damaged fittings system, replacement of windows in a summer house is even necessary. Most often, we face such a decision when we buy a house from the secondary market, in which old windows are installed and the building needs renovation, or when the house is old and we want to renovate the whole, including window and door joinery. An important aspect is the appearance of windows, which affect the aesthetics of the façade. In the case of wooden windows, we can think about refreshing the surface of the frames, but old-type wood joinery is often leaky, so investors decide to have a comprehensive replacement anyway.

When to plan a summer cottage window replacement?

We depend on the weather to replace the windows in the summer cottage, as well as all-year-round. It is good to do it when there are no extreme conditions, neither heat nor frost, so it is best to do it at positive temperatures, approx. 10˚C. If we want to use the house in summer and enjoy new windows, we should plan the assembly at the beginning of the season - in spring or at its end - in autumn.


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